Freelance Web Designer, Entrepeneur & Business Partner

I believe collaboration and partnership are key to delivering the best results for my clients.
By working closely with each client, I am able to understand their unique needs and create a customized web design solution that meets those needs perfectly.


Computer technology, graphic and web design fascinated me from an early age. I have been developing these skills since the early 90s.

With over 20 years professional experience, I have developed a unique blend of skills, combining my passion for customer service, coaching and attention to detail with my technical skils and ability to develop online solutions that support others.

Prior to founding Symphonic Design in 2017, I spent my career in international roles such sales, business development, project management, operations, catering and the hotel industry.

I love being a father and enjoy spending free time 🎣 ⛺ 🚲 🎥 🧑‍🍳🎮 growing 🌶️ and turning them into fermented 🔥 sauce.

My Promise

To develop high quality business solutions that support clients in realising their mission, empower them to use the web to its full potential and bring sustainable economical growth.

Born and raised in Germany, precision runs through my vains. Literally!

    Born and raised in Germany, precision runs through my vains. Literally!

    My Approach

    Symphonic Web Design Brussels - Methodology


    With well-engineered and well-thought-out working methods, I support you as your strategic business partner, executed as if you were doing the project management, production and final assembly yourself.
    Symphonic Web Design Brussels - Strategy_icon


    I design and implement your digital strategy consistent with your overall objectives. Take on board your wishes and inspire you with ideas and a wide range of services, combined with creative passion, convincing results and dedication.
    Symphonic Design Strategy


    Building positive partnerships is extremely important to me. I value trust, integrity, honesty, delivering excellent results consistently and timely. I find that a straight-talking approach works best and avoid jargon at all costs.

    My Philosophy

    Keep it Simple

    I believe in minimizing distractions and letting your branding and content shine. White space and creative text formatting are key. Naturally, high contrast designs and some specific types of websites call for a different approach.

    Do More with Less

    Efficiency drives productivity and growth is key to success. The purpose of a new website is to take your business to the next level – generate more leads, sell products or book more clients. Doing things right the first time and using time wisely is just common sense.

    Communication is Key

    I believe in a collaborative partnership with intentional communication, clarity and transparency, which are key to forming an effective partnership.

    I find that a straight-talking approach works best and avoid jargon and fluff at all costs.

    Automation RULES!

    There’s nothing I love more than making your life less stressful by integrating elegant systems that automate our work and your online business.

    Little Things Matter

    I pay attention to the details, especially in the final stage of a design. It’s the little things that can help you stand out from the crowd.