About Us

Based in Brussels Belgium, Symphonic Design provide web and graphic design services with a local and international client base of individual and corporate organizations.

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About The Founder

Sven Özel
Sven ÖzelDesign Jedi, father, mountain-biker, cook, DJ, leather worker, happy camper
Speaks: DE, EN, NL FR
Web Design 96%
Graphic Design 82%
Audio, Photo & Video 75%
Making Coffee 100%

With the receipt of his first computer at a young age a fascination was born; a curiosity to explore and learn. Particularly taken by computer graphics, he taught himself to design cassette tape covers, inlays, greeting cards, websites and how to build an entire PC from scratch and how the operating system works. As a DJ he learned to record, edit and convert audio and video.

Sven’s professional journey, however, took him first into catering much thanks to his grandmother Anita ♥

Grandma and I

He was failing to choose a career when she said “Why don’t you become a chef? You love it and you’re good at it.”

In 1998 two years after he finished ‘Zivildienst’ he moved to Leeds UK to study hospitality & catering management at Leeds city college. He became a chef and went on to manage restaurants, bars and conferencing operations for various hotels in the area for example the Hilton Hotel, York.

Sven continued to build websites and do various graphic and computer hardware jobs in his free time when in 2003 he moved to Brussels. He seized an opportunity in 2005 to change to a career that promised more of a social life in publishing and marketing. During the next 15 years he worked in international business with different companies in a variety of industries that taught him about the importance of client relationships, how to manage a business, its development and administration.

In 2019 Sven seized the opportunity to start-up Symphonic Design following Anita’s advice for the second time.

“Make the most of today, it is a gift; that’s why it is called the present.”