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Symphonic Web Design Brussels - FAQ

Website Design

Can you redesign my old site?

Yes! There’s nothing quite as fun as transforming a site into a modern, responsive, and beautiful website that converts visitors into customers. Please let me know and I would love to discuss this with you.

What do I need to get started?

I suggest to have the following in place:

  1. Clear understanding of their business goals and objectives for the website
  2. Content for the website, such as text, images, and videos
  3. Branding elements, such as logos, color schemes, and font styles
  4. Information about their target audience and customer personas
  5. A budget for the website development project
  6. A timeline for the project and any specific deadlines
  7. A list of any desired website features or functionalities
  8. Examples of websites they like and why they like them.

To support you in this process I created this 5-Step Website Configurator which will take you through the things you need.

Having this information ready before starting the project will help ensure a smooth and efficient design process, and will allow me (the web designer) to better understand the business owner’s vision for their website.

Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a logo, color schemes, font styles, images, video etc. I can either develop any or all these elements for you or contract a professional for example photographer, illustrator, videographer or copywriter.

What is your design process like?


Your website is your storefront, so it makes sense to give it some love and attention.

The design process begins with identifying your vision and scope of your website. I’ll design your website to reflect the best of your brand and ensure that it’s responsive to whatever kind of device your potential customers are using.

Below is the simplified 5 phase process, for the complete process please go here.



We need to get to the bottom of who you are, what you stand for and who you stand beside.
Only then can I begin to create a design that portrays the value you offer in a way that resonates with the people who matter: the people you want to do business with.



While I am preparing the first design drafts I will need to have the content at this stage i.e. text, images, photos, service descriptions etc. I can also work with dummy text; however, this will take more time and impact cost as in my experience more changes are necessary as the length of text influences design and layout of other elements such as images.



I’ll design a first design draft of the first page(s), usually the homepage and present to you the possibilities and options to decide the final direction to take and any adjustments. You will have 2 opportunities to review and make changes.



Using everything I’ve gathered; your website and all its pages, features and versions for all screen sizes are built. You will have plenty of opportunity to review and give your input. We will repeat the review and edit process for each page and feature until it’s all done.



After in-depth testing, the launch process is a carefully considered one. This is something I’ve done many times before.
I operate to a checklist which I’ve curated over the years and it’s not failed once.

Will you write my website content for me?

I will gladly support you in formulating for example some of the Headlines and SEO wording etc. but actual page texts you will have to provide.

Alternatively I work with copywriters whose services I can contract.

Will you take photos for my website?

While this is not my speciality I gladly support you in finding stock images. As a principle, however, text, images and video content will have to be provided by you.

As an alternative I work with local phographers and videographers whose services we may contract to create image and video content if online stock resources aren’t sufficient.

How long will my project take?

It can take from as little as 3 weeks to 6 months and for the most part depends on these core things:

  1. Scope of your project i.e. level of customization, total number of pages, posts, global templates and features
  2. Content availability, all items as listed in my Step by Step Website Project Configurator (see also FAQ “What do I need to get started”
  3. Resources availability, our work schedules, project calendars and seasonal leave of absences
Can you show me your portfolio of previous web design projects?

Yes of course! Here are projects I’ve designed and realised for my amazing clients.

I need a website fast. Do you offer rush timelines?

Most custom websites in my experience take between 8 to 12+ weeks. It mostly depends on the overall scope, i.e. number of pages, posts, features, customization etc., how quickly all of that content is ready and lastly our availability to dedicate time to any given project.

A faster service is possible and will always be charged at a premium rate, additional resources may be required depending on the scope of the project and customization needs.

For a faster service a 100% mis en place is necessary, so everything mentioned in FAQ 1. “What do I need to get started”. This will be pivotal to our success.

In the event that a rushed timeline is requested for a very small project with a minimum number of pages, features and customisations, I recommend working with a pre-made layout and standard template. This will save time and cost.

In any event let’s talk about this and make it work!

How does payment work?

Once I onboarded you in my CRM tool and you have received an invoice, you will have 10 working days by default to settle. In most cases 100% of the project value is paid upfront and I offer a 70 30 or 50 50 splits as well.

Will you optimize my website for search engines?

By default, I will provide basic technical SEO and add the website to the Google Search Console unless otherwise specified. This service is expandible and customizable on request.

Will you do SEO for my website?

Yes, I offer Search Engine Optimization, technical SEO integration at the level of WordPress, Google or any other Analytics platform, Content Optimization, On and OFF Page Content Optimization.

What are your rates and payment terms?

There are several factors that can influence the pricing of website design, including:

  1. Complexity of design: The more complex the design, the more time and effort required, which can increase the cost.
  2. Number of pages: More pages generally means more design work, which can also impact pricing.
  3. Customization: Customizing templates or building a custom design from scratch can increase the cost.
  4. E-commerce: If the website includes e-commerce functionality, such as a shopping cart and payment processing, this can add to the cost.
  5. Content creation: If the web designer is responsible for creating content, such as writing copy or creating graphics, this can increase the cost.
  6. Integration with third-party software: If the website needs to integrate with third-party software, such as a CRM or marketing automation tool, this can increase the cost.
  7. Timeline: If the website needs to be designed and launched quickly, the web designer may need to prioritize the project, which can increase the cost.
  8. Ongoing maintenance: If the web designer will be responsible for ongoing maintenance and updates to the website, this can add to the cost.
  9. Expertise and experience: Experienced web designers with a strong portfolio of work may command higher rates than less experienced designers.
  10. Location: The cost of website design may vary based on the location of the web designer and the cost of living in that area.

Payment terms are usually 10 days net and can be customized to the client’s needs. Payment is requested 100% upfront, alternatively a 70 30 or 50 50 arrangement can be discussed.

Do you offer website maintenance services?
I offer WordPress Update & Maintenance services regardless of whether or not I have created them. There are several options for (non)clients and as part of a hosting package. Please check the corresponding service pages for details.
Do you offer any post-launch support or training?

My websites are built with backend user friendliness in mind. If you would like to manage the content of your website yourself i.e., create and edit pages, posts and projects, I will include a handover and training in the project plan and proposal. A detailed and complete project documentation including logins is provided by default.

Will my website be mobile responsive?

All websites are optimized for varying devices and screen resolutions. The UI fully adapts to the screen and depending on the type of device i.e., PC/Laptop, tablet and mobile phone taking into account differing operating systems and browsers.

Why should I use WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) used by millions of websites around the world. It is an open-source platform that is easy to use, highly customizable, and offers a wide range of features to meet the needs of a variety of websites, from personal blogs to large e-commerce sites.

The top 5 features why WordPress is the better platform for websites are:

  1. Customizability
  2. SEO-friendly
  3. Opern-Source
  4. Third-Party Integrations
  5. Security
What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) used to create and manage websites of all sizes ranging from personal blogs to enterprise and eCommerce websites. WordPress is used by 63.4% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 43.1% of all websites which makes it the most popular CMS on the market.    [Source W3Techs.com]

How will we communicate during the design?

While I am available via all common channels including email, WhatsApp and by phone, I have had very positive experiences and feedback from clients working with a cloud-based design review document during PHASE 4 – the main design, review and approval.

Will you design my site on Squarespace, Wix or Shopify?

Yes, I do design on these platforms on request. See an example here https://www.jessicahanley.net/

Can you transfer my site from Squarespace to WordPress?

Yes, this is possible.

Do I need to have my content and images ready before the project starts?

Ideally yes, it does increase timeline and cost slightly. The reason being that without text and images in place upfront I will create page designs and layouts as wireframes with placeholder text, images and video. These will have to be filled in additional steps and in my experience, these usually cause the design and layout to change.

Do you offer printed materials like flyers, posters or business cards?

Yes, I offer design, layout and print of most common materials. I work with both online based and local printers depending on scope and scale of the project.

What about animations, info graphics or video production?

I partner with top professionals who specialize in these areas. As soon as I have a precise briefing I will be able to turn around a quote. You don’t have to worry about managing too many different relationships and communciation channels. I remain your Single Point of Contact throughout.

Do you offer logo/brand design?

Yes, I do.


What exactly is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a subscription type of service that allows you to start and manage a website accessible on the internet. Besides hosting your website, most web hosting companies also offer domain and email services, so you can send emails from your own domain.

What is WordPress hosting?
You might already be familiar with regular web hosting plans. WordPress hosting operates in the same way — it’s a form of web hosting specifically optimized for WordPress websites. A WordPress hosting provider offers space on a server to make your website files available online.
What are the benefits of a WordPress hosting platform?
If your goal is to boost the performance and security of your WordPress website, it’s worth investing in a dedicated WordPress hosting service like the one I am offering. As your managed WordPress hosting provider, I help provide top-tier security, speed, and performance for your website.
What should I look for in a WordPress web hosting company?

When choosing the best WordPress hosting option for your business you’ll want to consider the following:

Speed: Optimizing your website’s page speed is critical for enhancing user experience and retaining customers. To avoid high bounce rates, it’s advisable to switch to a fast WordPress host. At Symphonic Design, we’ve partnered with a hosting company that has improved site speeds built for performance on top of Google Cloud infrastructure with multiple custom speed optimizations.

Security: For top-notch security on your WordPress site, seek out hosting providers that offer security at server and application level and offer free SSL and daily backups for your peace of mind. Our secure WordPress hosting platforms automate threat detection, prevent attacks, and keep vulnerabilities up to date. With a managed hosting plan, all activity is monitored and managed 24/7 by human experts.

Support: At all stages, from pre-launch to post-launch, receive reliable customer support whenever you require it most.

Easy site management: When managing your own website you’ll want to work with a friendly Client Area and Site Tools and many features that help you manage your sites. (Contact me for a free demo before you buy!)

Do I need to purchase hosting before you begin the design process?

Yes, if you haven’t already got hosting for WordPress with a hosting provider, you will need to get this. However, we can start without it. I offer hosting services, contact me for more information.

What’s the difference between hosting and domain?
The domain is just a name, a virtual address, which only works if it is pointed to a host server. In order for your domain to open your website, you need to subscribe for a hosting service and point your domain to that host.
Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Regular Hosting?
When it comes to WordPress, managed service adds an extra layer of convenience for the WordPress site owners. Managed WP hosts like Symphonic Design will take care of the WordPress updates, keep track of vulnerabilities. This additional layer of security and convenience is what explains the premium price range compared to regular hosting.
How much does WordPress Hosting cost?
Symphonic Design offer WordPress hosting starting at €25 per month.
Can I setup unlimited free subdomains?

Yes. As soon as you setup as a client can add subdomains from your site area.

How do I migrate my WordPress website to your hosting?

Depending on your level of technical knowledge, migrating your WordPress site can feel difficult and time-consuming. Our free, user-friendly Migrator plugin makes the migration process easy and stress-free. Comprehensive guides are available and will walk you through the steps of migrating your WordPress site with the WordPress migration tool. Using the plugin, you are ensuring a seamless transition without any data loss or downtime.

You also have the option to get a professional migration done by an expert. If you choose a professional migration, I will do the website transfer for you. I will ask you to provide access details such as your control panel’s URL or FTP host and login credentials so I can access your site and transfer it.

The fee for this service starts from 250€ and may vary on a case by case basis depending on the individual website size, specifics and requirements.

What are the hosting specifications?

Full list of Service features:

  • Unmetered traffic
  • Unlimited databases
  • SSD storage type (storage quota info on request)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free email boxes (inside storage quota)
  • Free daily & on-demand backups (outside of storage quota)
  • Free WP Migrator plugin
  • Ecommerce enabled
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • Priority CPU resources
  • Dedicated RAM
  • Priority support
  • 8.1 PHP (unique ultrafast custom PHP implementation)
  • Free private CDN option available
  • Server side out-of-the-box caching (Supercacher technology, NGINX-based static and dynamic cache + memchache option)
  • Free Easy Staging
  • Free WordPress Caching plugin
  • Enhanced security (Server Side Web Application Firewall + AI anti block system)
  • Data center location: The Netherlands
Is backup storage space in- or outside of my storage quota?

Backups are always free, stored for 30 days outside of your storage quota.

Where is my website hosted?

The data centre is currently located in The Netherlands.

Can I use your hosting for an eCommerce site?

Yes, our hosting is specifically designed to help you easily start and manage a successful website with an online store. You will get access to How-To guides on how to start your Woocommerce store

Can I host multiple websites within my hosting space?

Yes. Once you are a customer contact me and I will add a space for each website to the system. If your domain is registered elsewhere and not with Siteground you simply point it to the corresponding nameserver of that specific hosting space.

Tip: For new domains it is worth checking Siteground’s pricing as I find them to offer very competitive pricing.

Do you do logo design and branding?

Yes I do and I partner with experts who are even better at it than I am, but I am happy to handle the project for you and coordinate it with your website. Please let me know what ideas you have and I can get something great put together for you.