Project Description

Beat Addicted Logo Draft 4

Project Brief

Beat Addicted is a children’s dance group based in Dortmund. Beat Addicted were looking for a logo design mainly used on their new dance uniforms for the dance championships in 2020.

The request was to design a graphic that incorporates the name and elements representing dynamic, young, dance and music.

We were happy to rise to the challenge!

The Challenge

About 15 parent pairs were behind my main contact, many fathers in particular had their own view on what things should be. It’s so important to have a positive, transparent and communicative client relationship in order to manage expectations on all sides and deliver to the brief on time.

Another challenge was to incorporate as many elements as requested in the design and not look too busy, overcrowded or distract from the main focus.

As usual applying our dual principle design method was key.

Dual Principle Design

Less Is More

KISS “Keep It Super Simple”

The Solution

A group of jumping kids silhouette style. Playing around with different types of speaker designs it was clear that a traditional box style speaker wouldn’t as it would upset the design perspective. The solution was speaker drive units. Wings bring a feel of freedom, flying high, success, movement, innocence (angel wings). The banner group name design adds a classic and certified element.

These kids are born winners!

Conceptual Design Samples

Colourful jumping people
Beat Addicted Speaker illustration
Beat Addicted Logo Concept Draft
Beat Addicted Logo Concept Draft
Beat Addicted Logo Concept Draft,

The Skills Needed To Produce Excellent Results

Graphic Design


Design Mockups

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Sven gave us great advice from start to finish, concept design to print and kept us in the loop throughout the entire process. We got what we wanted and more. Parents and kids are super happy!