Project Description


The Self-Worth Academy is a global network of people who are interested in promoting self-worth as a foundation for life and work. The purpose of the Self-Worth Academy is to encourage a fresh understanding of self-worth in professional and personal life; in education and in leadership. In doing so, we actively connect self-worth professionals with each other to share their gifts and insights.

Project Brief

After many years of patchwork, fixing and optimizing the existing website it was time for a fresh start! We re-designed with performance, structure, content and conversion in mind all of which to serve a greater UX and UI.

Website page load speed performance was increased up to 67% across the board by switching to Symphonic Design’s premium hosting.

Work With Us
Self Worth Academy

Skills Needed


WordPress 99%
Hosting 98%
Web Design 96%
SQL Databases 85%
SEO 90%
Project Hours
Days of Production
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