Project Description


Little Seal asbl is an independant theatre production company founded in 2017 by Barry O’Halpin. Part of is Fish’n’Whiskers Youth Theatre group providing quality teaching and theatrical experience for children and young people aged 7 to 18.

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Project Brief

Symphonic Design helped Barry develop the brand for both Theatre production and youth group including digital logo development and web design. Barry envisioned users to arrive on a gateway page first from which to navigate either to the LittleSeal or Fish’n’Whiskers.

The chosen colour pallets in both cases are mindful of the joyful, warmth and a playful aspects of youth theatre, design and navigation appeal also to digitally less experienced users.

LittleSeal engages with the audience mainly in person, email and their Facebook page. Past and upcoming productions and other activities are organised via portfolio’s, news items and announcements are used to communicate important messages.

We applied our usual dual principle design process:

Less Is More

KISS “Keep It Super Simple”

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Skills Needed

Web Design 99%
WordPress 95%
Graphic Design 45%
Project Planning 98%
Project Hours
Days of Production
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