Sven not only made my website creation fun, but also was instrumental in me showing up authentically and growing my business. I hired Sven to design my logo and update/re-create my much outdated website earlier this year, a process that I used to dread in the past. Not so with Sven. Sven not only “gets you” and your business. In my case, he understood my work better than I did so myself at times. Giving him just a few parameters, he did magic with them and intuitively used the colour and layout arrangements that suited me right from the start.
He coached me not only around the appearance of the site, but even content-wise, being a sparring partner in determining type and language of content. Given his extensive technical know-how, he was proactive and able to guide me on the optimization of my site.
Finally, he helped me setup my newsletter campaign system, send my first newsletter and create & publish my first eBook. In just a few hours, my “oeuvre” had a friendly face and an easy-to-read format, something I could not have accomplished myself.