What to Expect

Enjoy Clear Expectations About Us Working Together

If a new website sounds scary or uncertain, then you’ve come to the right place. I take the time to listen, prioritize your needs, preferences, and goals and work with you to find a solution that works.

Symphonic Web Design Brussels - What-to-Expect

The 12 Steps to a successful website Project

Rarely have I seen a project fail that followed these simple steps.

1. Initial Contact

The first step is to just do it. I am not intimidating and will answer any pre-sale questions you have.

It’s okay if some clients have a detailed plan in mind, while others may only have a general notion of their requirements. In any case, we can collaborate to formulate a strategy and execute it effectively.

I recommend reading the FAQ section first.

2. Discovery

Now that we decided to work with each other (Yay!), we need to get to the bottom of who you are, what you stand for, who you stand beside and what you are looking for. This is done in two parts:

  1. Website Configurator – A convenient and interactive online tool I developed to help structure, streamline and digitalize a big part of the information gathering process. It concists of 5 easy steps intended to get all your ducks in one row and help me estimate the scope and cost involved in your project more quickly and accurately.
  2. Scoping Conversation – We discuss the gathered information either virtually or in person and explore every aspect of the solution best suited to your business, consider website features, timeline and an initial structure.

3. Proposal, Agreement & Deposit

Based on the scope we discovered I will detail everything out and send it to you to look over. Once we are in agreement I will draft a service agreement for your review and if everything sounds good and we both signed the contract, the (first) payment is on its way and we can get started!

4. Setup & Planning

Various systems will be initialised, setup and configured and we will draw up a project plan with milestones, deliverables and timelines. Share all information i.e. text and image content, services info, photos, logo, hosting, website and hosting access details if applicable, contact info etc.

5. Draft Design

I will proceed with setting up your website, email address, hosting etc. and design a first design draft. Usually I propose two draft design directions for you to choose from.

6. Website Build

This is where the bulk of the work happens. I will design all pages, posts etc. and for all types of devices: PC/Laptop, tablet, mobile phone and take into account varying operating systems and browsers as best possible. I will keep you informed throughout the process and let you know to review parts when they are ready for review.

7. Revision & Approval

Throughout building your website you will have opportunity to review and make changes. To exchange review notes and updates, we will primarily work with a cloud-based design review document which helps streamlining the process and keeping communication efficient at all times. We will continue until the website is basically finished.

8. Testing

While I test as I go, the website will be tested thoroughly in its final stage and put through its paces. The UI will be reviewed against criteria such as user navigation, functionality, consistency, readability, clarity, performance and overall overall user experience.

    9. Launch

    The launch process is a carefully considered and can be a lengthy process. This is something I’ve done many times before. I operate to a checklist which I’ve curated over the years and it has not failed once.

    10. Invoice & Payment

    After the website has been published and is live on the internet and you approve, I will process the (final) sales order emailed to you for approval which will initiate the invoice process.

    11. Monitoring

    After Go Live I will keep an eye on performance and generally all systems for bugs and anything that may have fallen through the cracks.

    12. Celebrate

    Enjoy your new site, be proud and share it with all your friends, family and clients. I’ll gladly provide the artwork for a social media post.

    Symphonic Web Design Brussels - UI-UX

    Website Design pricing

    My pricing model is primarily based on project scope, with a project-based fee being the norm. My clients vary in size and budget with some small local businesses having a budget range of €750-€2,000, while other clients requiring more intricate solutions that begin at €5,000. However, I ensure that pricing is fair, value based and a worthwhile investment.

    Where to go from here?

    You’d like to talk to a human being, discuss your project or just get some advice on any other of my services

    You are at an advanced stage in your website project process and would like to request a quote electronically without speaking with me first

    You are looking for a stunning, fast turnaround and cost concious website